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$17.50 for 7 Minutes

$2.50 for each additional minute
Personal & Discreet Billing

US & Canadian Resdients Only

No Gimmicks
No Hidden Costs
No Commitments
No Online Forms
No Connection Fees
No Taboo Phone Sex 1-888-755-3878
What kind of honeys do we have? ALL KINDS. Our girls work from home, and all you need to do is call to find out which horny honeys are available.

Watching what you spend? Ok, that's no problem. Just tell us how much you can spend and we can set a "time limit" to your call. You'll even get a warning beep a minute or two beforehand.

Just dial the Phone Honeys Sex Line 1-888-755-3878 and a short recording (about 2 minutes long) will remind you of the rates, and billing name. This is important information so please listen closely if you are a new caller.

If you are a new client we must collect your billing information. This will take a few minutes and you find us to be professional and thorough. We collect your information and verify it carefully to protect you and us against fraud. We also must verify a callers age to stay within federal regulations. It really won't last more than 5 minutes and obviously, you are never charged for it.

If you are a regular client we can connect you with a a horny honey in just a minute or two affter your credit card is authorized.

The receptionist will ask who you'd like to speak to. She can give you a bit more information on the honeys. Or you may tell her what type of voice and personality you are seeking. Or perhaps you have a specific interest and want a honey who also shares it in common with you. The receptionist will likely give you at least two or three options of hot honeys to talk to.

You will be directly connected to the girl of your choice. She will not have access to any of your personally identifiable data.

We charge $2.50 per minute and have a 7 minute minimum. That works out to be $17.50. Each additional minute is $2.50. You may also ask the receptionist to limit your call time so that you have complete conrol over what you spend.

Our company billing name is very discreet. It's listed above with the credit cards we accept. Our billing and company name is not listed in actual text on this website so that your charges will stay private. If youi have a billing question there will be a telephone number listed on your billing statement to reach us. We do not discuss your bill or your call with anyone other than you. All rights reserved. For Adult Entertainment Purposes Only.
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