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We are a small intimate company with a BIG attitude! We have a variety of Phone Honeys available and all work from their homes, not an office, or call center! Our prices are always the same, so you have less decisions to make and less to worry about! Our business model is "simplicity and style". But best of all… we have NO TABOOS. We have no rules, terms, limits, or restrictions on topics that can be discussed. Our girls talk about anything and everything! Your conversations are not monitored, reported, and your account can never be blocked or banned because your fantasy is too "extreme". Phone Honeys offer you live receptionists, not automated billing, so your info is collected over the phone by a human. We also offer you experience, professional attitudes, and over 20 years in business! We have every type of Phone Honey available!
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$17.50 for 7 Minutes

$2.50 for each additional minute
Personal & Discreet Billing

US & Canadian Resdients Only
phone sex with no hidden costs
No Gimmicks
No Hidden Costs
No Commitments
No Online Forms
No Connection Fees
No Taboo Phone Sex 1-888-755-3878
What kind of honeys do we have? ALL KINDS. Our girls work from home, and all you need to do is call to find out which horny honeys are available.

Watching what you spend? Ok, that's no problem. Just tell us how much you can spend and we can set a "time limit" to your call. You'll even get a warning beep a minute or two beforehand.

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